H₂Osmotique Therapy

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Plunges Skin into a Hydrating & Soothing Immersion


Inspired by the science behind osmosis, this water-rich treatment features a plethora of hydro-adept actives to infuse and seal moisture into skin. Formulated with more than 80% pure Marine Collagen, skin’s hydration mechanisms reactivate and water reserves are replenished. Dry and dehydrated skin instantly plumps up with increased suppleness, dewiness and “bounce”.

Key Benefits:

  • Reactivates skin's hydration mechanisms and replenishes its water reserves to re-hydrate skin and soothe sensitivities
  • Plumps skin up with hydration, increasing suppleness, dewiness and "bounce"
  • Re-nourishes skin with high concentration of fatty essential acids, vitamins and minerals – components essential to fight environmental stress

Key Actives

H2-Osmotic: Extracted from ocean-harvested brown seaweed, H2-Osmotic is a sulfated polysaccharide that is found in the cell walls of the nutrient-rich seaweed. The hydration-boosting active is able to improve water retention by preventing trans-epidermal water loss in skin. It has excellent youth-enhancing benefits as it fights free radical damage, and boosts firmness and elasticity. The small molecular weight of H2-Osmotic enables it to penetrate skin deeply to replenish restorative nutrients.

Collagenic Complex: Made with more than 80% pure concentrated marine collagen, Collagenic Complex ingeniously forms an invisible "Memory Network" on the surface of skin to seal in moisture, infuse skin with collagen and fill up lines to enhance the density of skin. It has a unique self-remodeling feature that enables it to flex back to its original shape after penetrating skin to instant plump and lift up skin. Skin regains elasticity, hydration, tautness and radiance.

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